Boxes & Bottles


Up to our Noses in Boxes and Bottles…

Not only is this the busiest time of year for our team – receiving our shipment of gear, sorting, shipping, and gearing up for events – both families are also in the midst of major changes.

As you know, the Tutens recently welcomed their third child, a sweet little girl (after two sweet boys) and my family is moving!  Doesn’t seem like the two are in any way related, but just as the Tutens are now nose-deep in bottles and up throughout the night, we are nose-deep in boxes, bunking at my mom’s  for a week (where our children lose all sense of reality and boundaries) therefore up throughout the night!

It’s no fun, but we know it’s only a season and welcome the new changes.  Thank you for being patient throughout our transitions and for your support.

Do you have any tips on welcoming a new baby and/or moving with children?

Hi, I'm Stephanie. Wife to Marcus and mom to Hudson and Lola Kate. I love Jesus, good design, the colors blue and purple, LSU football, anything creative and good food and wine with great friends.

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