It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters: A Mom’s Lesson in Letting GEAUX

It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Right, moms?

Right…until your child wants to dress themselves and everything on the outside is mixed matched!  And then you break out in hives and try to explain why their selections are just unacceptable, all while they name every friend who is allowed to dress that way.

Our son Hudson started dressing himself when he was about three.  He’d go in his room and come out in some of the most outrageous pairings! The one that truly, truly gave me hives, was socks with crocs! No way did I let him leave the house in crocs with socks.  And yes, the whole time I was explaining to him why he couldn’t wear the duo, I sounded like Dr. Seuss.  And yes, my husband and I were both holding back giggles the entire time!

Hudson dress

Hudson is now 4.5 and has mastered “matching” and truly cares about what he wears…if it’s athletic gear!  It pains him when I suggest khaki shorts.  And it pains me when he retreats from him room in highlighter yellow (yes, that is his favorite color, of course) athletic shorts and matching tennis shoes.

He wears this gear daily. Except when he is rooting on his favorite team and then he proudly wears his JV Clothiers gear!  And on Sundays, he very obediently dresses in khaki shorts and a polo shirt for church.

I’m sure most of you are wondering why I would even buy the gear if I didn’t like it.  Because, it’s not about me. It’s not about me wanting my little guy in khakis (or seersucker) and polos and sperry’s all the time.

It’s about Hudson. It’s about Hudson finding himself and expressing his interests (which just happens to be every sport) through his clothing. It’s about Hudson being comfortable in his own style. And more importantly, the highlighter yellow athletic shorts, shirt and shoes, don’t change a thing about Hudson’s spirit and personality. And that’s what it’s about.

So moms, the next time your little one wants to wear stripes with plaid or the biggest character-themed shirt made, let them.

It was/is a tough lesson for this mom to learn, and I even had to text friends for support on our last tennis shoe shopping trip. But in the end, I’ve let geaux and Hudson is happy, comfortable, loving and intelligent and that’s how he will make his mark on this world. And believe me, he will! (but NOT in crocs with socks)

Thank you for listening.

Hi, I'm Stephanie. Wife to Marcus and mom to Hudson and Lola Kate. I love Jesus, good design, the colors blue and purple, LSU football, anything creative and good food and wine with great friends.

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